If it’s Film, We Can Archive it

Expressions in Video has been archiving movie film to tape, DVD and hard drive for over 20 years.  Our clients include local television stations, The Austin History Center, The John Nance Garner Museum and many others.  All work is done at our studio by our professional staff.

What Formats Can You Transfer?

8mm, Super 8 (with or without sound) and 16mm (with or without sound).


How much film do I have?

3″ Reel = 50 feet of film     5″ Reel = 200 feet of film     7″ Reel = 400 feet of film


DVD or Hard Drive?

We can transfer your film to a DVD or to a hard drive.  You can provide a firewire or USB hard drive.  We recommend .mov or .avi formats., but we can convert to any format available.


What does it cost?

Film to DVD is 15 cents per foot.  Film to hard drive is 18 cents per foot.


We also transfer photos and slides to DVD.


Call today to talk with an Austin film transfer specialist at

(512) 469-7675.



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