Why Video Transfer?

Don’t let time destroy your cherished family memories.

We can transfer your old movie film and video to DVD or hard drive. We handle all film formats such as 8mm, 16mm and super 8. We also handle all video formats such as VHS, 8mm video, digi-8, VHS-C and betamax.

If you have home movies or videos, we are the solution to getting them preserved and archived for generations to come.

Home movie film breaks down over time and may become unwatchable if they’re not converted to a digital format.

Likewise, video tape deteriorates over time; so it is crucial to convert those home videos to archival DVDs or digital formats such as Quicktime or MP4. Don’t risk losing your precious memories, including joyful family gatherings, happy children playing, exciting vacations and other special celebrations and life events. Your home movies and home videos are priceless to you and future generations. Let us carefully archive your precious memories for your family to cherish for decades and decades.
We have transferred tens of thousands of feet of home movie film and thousands of hours of home videos, and it is our experience that time is of the essence. Sadly, your home movies are likely already breaking down. Dust can adhere to the film. Even the tiniest amount of moisture can destroy the images on your film or video tapes. Film and video may become brittle and stretched.

That’s Where We Come In

Thankfully, we can preserve and protect your cherished memories by transferring them to a digital format. We can archive your home videos, photos and slides, 8mm, Super 8 or 16mm movie film to DVD or to digital formats such as Quicktime or MP4. We can transfer VHS to DVD or digital.

Our Austin Video Production company can transfer all formats of video tape to DVD or make a custom photo/slideshow to DVD for weddings, graduations and all special occasions, complete with custom titles and music. You don’t have to worry about losing your memories anymore.

DVD & CD Duplication Services

We also offer short run and long run DVD and CD duplication with full coverage, high-resolution printing. As an Austin DVD Duplication specialist we make your DVD Duplication project fast and easy. We offer bulk discounts to help your DVD duplication come in on budget.

Call Us Today

Give the experts at Expressions in Video a call today at (512) 469-7675. We will guide you through the simple steps to organize your home movies, slides, photos, and video tapes for us to transfer, preserve and archive onto DVD and/or digital format to hard drive. We do all the work in-house, and keep you updated throughout the process. A typical job takes us a little over a week, so you are reunited with your precious memories in no time!

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