Why Testimonial Videos?

Great testimonial videos add depth and emotion to your product or service.

They make your claims more believable, interesting and meaningful. A testimonial video explains your product or service with greater impact, because it is genuine and real. Not simply a sales pitch. They overcome many objections that hold people back from buying. They also show that other people are using this product or service, so, therefore, it must work!

When Do You Need A Testimonial Video?

Testimonial videos work with any product or service. The best time to use a testimonial is when you want to show your audience that you are credible, and a trustworthy supplier. You’ll also need a testimonial video when you have a claim that you want to back up. Get a past customer on camera and let them tell their story!

There Is No Need For A Testimonial Video Script!

All you need is THIS simple formula. Say to your customer: “Tell me what your life was like before you found the product, how you found it, what it was like to use it, and what life is like since you used it.” This removes any need for a script, while showing the audience that your product or service really works! It also removes all the stress from your customer.

Watch Our Highest-Performing Testimonial Video Examples

These work because you can see the gratitude on the faces of the people and feel it in their voices. A good video production agency focuses on what your customer says. A GREAT video production agency focuses on HOW your customer says it. This shows your audience the kind of impact your product has on your customers’ lives and what it can do for them too!

Tips for Great Testimonial Videos

The Human Touch

A great testimonial makes a real connection with real people. The presentation should be natural and conversational.

Don’t Overthink It!

The easiest thing your customer will do is over think. Especially when they feel like they only have one shot at this. Tell them to relax, and ask them what their life was like before they found the product, how they found it, what it was like to use it, and now what life is like since they used it.

Use Your Own Words

Be prepared, but don’t over-rehearse. Don’t be afraid to use body language such as hand gestures. If you are excited about what you have to say then your audience will be too.

Have A Simple Background

You don’t want a messy background with lots of distraction. It takes away from the impact of your testimonial video. Put time into making your background and environment reflect the type of message that represents your product or service.

Keep it Cinematic

I consider this the secret sauce. Many times a testimonial is just thought of as a talking head. It’s not. A testimonial video should look as beautiful as any other commercial or corporate video. Why? Because your story matters.

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