Testimonial Videos

Why Testimonial Videos?

Great testimonial videos build trust. A testimonial video can explain a product or service. It can help explain the benefits that those products and services bring to the customer. And who better to explain those benefits than the people who have experienced them firsthand?

Tips for Great Testimonial Videos

The Human Touch

A great testimonial makes a real connection with real people. The presentation should be natural and conversational.

Use Your Own Words

Be prepared, but don’t over-rehearse. Don’t be afraid to use body language such as hand gestures. If you are excited about what you have to say then your audience will be too.

Keep it Cinematic

I consider this the secret sauce. Many times a testimonial is just thought of as a talking head. It’s not. A testimonial video should look as beautiful as any other commercial or corporate video. Why? Because your story matters.

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