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At Expressions In Video we help artists craft a story-driven, visually stylistic music videos. YouTube is the number one search engine for music. It’s a fantastic way to be seen and build your fan base. But it’s also a crowded field. You want to stand out. You’ve put the sweat and love into your songs, let us put the sweat and love into visually translating those songs.

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Why Music Videos?

Music videos tell your story.

The story is yours and yours alone to tell. What message do you want to send to your audience and fans? Do you want to inspire and motivate? What do you want to make them feel or think? What is the emotional core of your story? Without a top video music production company, it’s very hard to convey these key messages.

The Importance of Music Videos

Music videos are essential to establishing your online presence as an artist. All of the most viewed videos on YouTube are music videos. Most artists go unnoticed until they release a stellar music video. Once they release one, they have the chance to go viral. Songs like Gangnam Style, Despacito, Shake It Off, See You Again, Lean On, Let Her Go and more are the top viewed videos on YouTube.

What would it do for your career to be seen by hundreds of thousands to millions of people? Despacito alone has been viewed more than 3.7 billion times. In the music video, they show the culture of Puerto Rico, the people and how beautiful the island is. Imagine being able to tell your story on such a level that people can’t help but watch your video on repeat.

Where Will You Get Exposure?

Your music video can be featured on many different platforms. There are many TV stations dedicated to music videos. There are also tons of websites where music videos are streamed such as: YouTube, Vimeo, Vevo and Billboard. How many fans would you get if your music video was featured on all these networks?


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