Why Fan Films?

Fan films are a great way to take any story you’re inspired by and add your own twist to it.

Fan films are normally inspired by a tv series, film or comic book. When you’re in love with a storyline, character or universe, the options are endless! You can explore an existing character’s world in your own unique way, create your own film adaptation for the latest sci-fi movie or make a proof of concept video for your portfolio.

Most fan films are filmed by amateurs wanting to make a story THEIRS. When you hire a fan film production team, you get the highest quality of video production. Knowing the technical side is taken care of, you can focus on your story and characters.

The most popular choice for fan films is the superhero fan film. Anything from Spiderman to Batman to Wonder Woman. You can take any character you want and make a whole new film adaptation about them. The choice is yours.

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Who Needs A Fan Film?

Comic book enthusiasts, fiction movie enthusiasts and more. You can make a fan film for any genre of movie and about any topic. Whether you love making short movies, want to impress your friends or decide to practice your scriptwriting skills, we can help you.

RAIN is a 23-minute original short independent fan film created by Maya Glick, directed by Zane Rutledge and Jeff Stolhand, and produced by Matt Joyce. Inspired by the “punk” incarnation of the Marvel superhero Storm of the X-Men.

Tips For A Stellar Fan Film

Decide On Characters

You need to decide on a protagonist. Who is the main character? Who are the supporting characters? Who (or what) is the antagonist?

Create Multiple Conflicts

What goal is the protagonist trying to achieve? It’s important to have ONE big goal the protagonist is trying to achieve and put many obstacles in the way of reaching that goal. There should be multiple smaller conflicts on the journey to solving the main conflict.

Mix Universes

Nothing better than a superhero mashup. Like Batman VS. Superman or adding different characters into the Smash Bros. games. When you add new characters, they have a different dynamic which creates an intriguing and fresh storyline.

Add Dynamic Characters

Dynamic characters are important to the plot because each character plays a key role. You can learn the different types of characters here.

Switch Up The Plot

Just because Batman is in your movie doesn’t mean he has to be the main character. Focusing in on the lives of the side characters can be extremely interesting.

Add Easter Eggs

Add in references from other movies or universes as an added bonus for your audience to figure out. Nothing better than going back through a movie you love and picking up on little things here and there.

Follow “The Hero’s Journey”

You can learn what all the hollywood movies are doing to make amazing and captivating stories by learning about the hero’s journey