Book Trailer Video Production

Book Trailers are an effective way to promote your book online. Ausin Production Company Expressions in Video can help you create a dynamic and thought provoking book trailer to help improve sales of your publication. Unlike a movie trailer, which rely on reusing already created images, a book trailer utilizes and inspires new images and graphic treatments that help convey what your book is all about. Why not leverage the same marketing power Blockbuster films get from movie trailers?

Expressions in Video’s Tips on what makes Stellar Book Trailers

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    Tell a Story

    There are several key elements that make stellar book trailers, but the most important is to tell a story. A good book trailer should identify your protagonist. Likewise, the trailer should identify the key conflict of your story. And, finally, book trailers should identify the goals of your main character.

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    Keep the Emotion

    Look for the emotional pull of the story and bring all of that emotion to the book trailer.

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    Grab Them with Music

    An engaging book trailer requires the proper mix of music to set the mood and tone of the piece.

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    Get to the Point

    Don’t bog down the view with too many details. Give them the overview of the story and the characters and move on.

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    Leave Them Wanting More

    Don’t answer every question that your book raises. Leave the viewer with just enough of a tease to want to know more.

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    Have a Call to Action

    Wrap up your trailer by telling the viewer where they can find your book. Is it available on Amazon? Is it available on iBooks? Let the potential reader know how to contact you or find your website.