Video Production Services By Expressions In Video

Having the right team is essential to making amazing videos and getting high paying customers. What kind of video do you need? Odds are we’ve got you covered. Why do name brands like Chevron, Whole Foods and Sonic trust our video skills? See our selection of services and you’ll find out why:

Testimonial Videos

A short video can go a long way. Boost your business by letting potential customers know how awesome your services are. Imagine your fans and satisfied customers pitching your services for you. That’s what happens when you get great testimonial videos.

All the top marketers and CEOs understand the power of testimonial videos. That’s why they hire the best to make sure every second counts.

TV Commercial Production

TV commercials are great for putting your message in front of your perfect prospect. YouTube is now one of the highest grossing streaming services. That’s why you need to get in and get the most money out of it before it’s too late.

Top influencers and marketers spend loads on YouTube ads because they know they convert well. They know how effective it is at attracting lifelong customers.

Animation Service

Do you want to be able to engage your viewers and beat out your competition? If so, animation might be for you! Animation will explain anything in an interesting and impactful way. Your audience will love having easy to understand visual aids in your video.

Some of the most successful marketing campaigns are because of the genius of animation. Don’t miss out on your chance to be the next big hit!

Music Video Production

Do you want to inspire your audience into becoming lifelong fans of your music? Do you want to gain more exposure on YouTube or other streaming services and get loads of fans? If so, it sounds like you need a music video!

These are key for connecting with your audience not just through your music, but through your creative talent.

Real Estate Videos

Showcasing the strengths of real estate you have for lease or purchase is one of the best ways to get lots of clients. A true showman knows how to catch the eye of the viewer and keep their attention long enough to make the sale. That’s why we’re trusted by Trendmaker Homes, Comanche Trace and Milestone Community Builders.

Book Trailers

Promoting your book doesn’t stop at the bookstore. What if you could get people intrigued in your offer outside of the bookstore? Well… now you can! Book trailers are short films created to advertise the highlights of your book and encourage your audience to buy! They can be featured on TV, in YouTube or on Facebook. The possibilities are endless!

Fan Films

Who said obsession is a bad thing? Loving comic books, movies or tv shows is totally normal. Some people just want to take their love to the next level and make a series THEIRS. Whether you’re a hobbyist, amateur scriptwriter or just a fan we can help you make the perfect fan film for any obsession!