The Heart of a Company

Jeff StolhandProduction, Storytelling

Last month I wrote a blog post on emotional branding. In the piece I discussed how I first learned about emotional branding, how a company can discover its emotional brand and … oh, yes … the Bee Gees. Okay, I get distracted. I can’t help it.

As I mentioned in that post, storytelling started with the first caveman drawing his exploits on cave walls. In some ways today isn’t that different. We’re just cavemen … with cameras.

Recently my team and I had the opportunity to practice what we preach with regards to emotional branding. The good folks at 360 Studios, one of our creative partners, asked myself and partner Zane Rutledge to create a corporate video pitch for global manufacturing company, Chatsworth Products.

When Zane and I create ideas for a new client we have one hard-and-fast first rule: Listen to the client. No dog and pony show. No razzle dazzle … that comes later.

Nope. In the first meeting we just listen.

Screenshot 2016-03-13 14.23.38

So, that’s what we did. We traveled with producer Matt Joyce and the 360 team to have a nice visit with the folks at Chatsworth. Got the grand tour. Heard about the company. Met the people. And guess what we found out?

It’s a damn cool company.

The people who work there are fun, engaging, hard-working and best of all … they are all owners in the company. That’s right. Chatsworth doesn’t just make great products … they are also employee-owned.

That was our way in.

It’s not just about awesome products. It’s about awesome people. People with a stake in the products they make and the products they sell.

Now to bring on the razzle dazzle…

Zane and I crafted a script that focused on the balance of employee stake in a company and how that stake increases the quality of the products they make.

Want to see the final video? Gee whiz, what a coincidence! The link is below. We call it “I Am Chatsworth.”