Sizzle Reel for Maxwell PR

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Sizzle Reel – Impacting your Audience

Do you want to captivate your audience? Do you want to motivate your client base? Then a sizzle reel may just be what you need. Expressions in Video has been producing sizzle reels for its clients for over ten years. We recently completed this reel for our client Maxwell PR and Travel Oregon.


The key to a good sizzle reel is awesome content, catchy music and pacing.

Content is king when it comes to a sizzle reel with impact. It’s important to utilize the best sound bites from your media coverage. It is equally important to use recognizable media coverage from magazines, websites and newspapers. Don’t forget those great blogs that may have covered your product. Including references to blog posts is a great way to show how many people are talking about your product or service.  Maxwell PR provided a variety of fantastic content for this sizzle reel.

Finding the right music is also important. There are great stock music sites that have awesome music at reasonable prices. Always make sure the music fits the theme of the sizzle reel. At Expressions in Video we periodically check the best music sites and track the samples we like for future use. That way, when it’s time to create a new sizzle reel for a client we already have a library of our favorite music.

Lastly, it’s all about pacing, pacing, pacing. You want to nail the right speed of the edit, in terms of how fast it movies, but not sacrifice the viewer connecting with the content.

The bottom line is a sizzle reel is a tool, but it’s meant to be fun. With the right content, music and pacing a sizzle reel can be created that entertains, as well as, informs.

Expressions in Video has provided sizzle reels for actors, musicians, PR firms and corporate clients. For more info give us a shout at