Giving Back

Deidra Dee StolhandGiving Back, Just for Fun


Buck’s KVUE Kids Who Care Award

I repeatedly say that one of the most rewarding aspects of our business is the people that we meet and work with everyday. We are blessed to have many repeat customers that are like extended family to us as well as new customers that walk through our door everyday.

I love the energy that fills the air when we listen to their stories and learn about the projects they are so passionate about. Part of film and video production is bringing those projects to life – giving them the artistic palate for expression, highlighting their goals and creating a permanent (yet editable) archive of their treasured project. Whether we’re working with a talented musician, an up and coming author or a genealogy enthusiast, every job is unique and requires personalized attention and a deep and sincere respect for the client.

This week I was fortunate to learn of a very special young man as I transferred a family’s VHS tapes to DVD. One of the tapes was a local news report about this very special person. His name is Buck, and back in 2006 he was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia. During his treatment he had to miss shopping for his family at Christmastime, something he truly cherished. He vowed that should he recover he would do his best to give other sick children the opportunity to shop for their families and friends. Luckily, Buck beat cancer! And Buck kept his word.

Buck and his family collect presents throughout the year and then set up shop the first week in December at Dell Children’s Hospital. But this shop doesn’t charge a penny. Take a look at this video to learn more about Buck’s Barn. Every now and then we are blessed with angels on Earth. Buck is one of those angels.

For more information about this cause visit Buck’s Barn or check out Buck’s facebook page.