Austin Video Production Amongst the Bluebonnets

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Austin Video Production Amongst the Bluebonnets


As the summer comes to a close, we wanted to share this sweet commercial that we recently shot amongst the spring bluebonnets of Austin, Texas. Featuring Austin based actors Katie Folger and Devin Bonnée, both from Emily Hagin’s “Grow Up Tony Phillips,” this is part of a series of commercials for Trillion Media. The spots are directed by Jeff Stolhand and Zane Rutledge with camera support from Tom Hennig and makeup/hair by Holly Barrera. The spots were all shot on our Red Scarlet. Expressions in Video has been expanding their Austin video production and Austin TV commercial production over the last year to include not only our client Trillion Media but also clients such as BW Films, Dell, WebGem and many more.

We like using the Red Scarlet for our Austin video productions because it shoots native 4K, giving us the ability to re-crop during our edit. Re-cropping is not something we want to count out, but it does give you one more tool in your bag of tricks in the post process. The Red also gives us beautiful slow motion, which we tapped quite a bit in this piece. In addition, we’ve found shooting with the Red gives us a great deal of latitude in the color correction process.

Austin Video Production - Imperfect Love - Lake

With regards to our web-based projects, the large file sizes of the Red may seem like overkill. But there is always the chance that footage will be re-purposed in some way. For example, a client may intend his project to only live on their website, but there is always the chance that, down the road, they will need to update their video for broadcast or other purposes. That’s why we always choose to shoot in the highest resolution possible.