Austin Animation: Protect Eddie with Dell Encryption

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Austin Animation:

Animation is Alive and Well in Austin, Texas

Here is a fun piece written by Zane Rutledge and Jeff Stolhand. This short, entitled “Protect Eddie with Dell Encryption,” was created for Dell and BW Films.  It features classic voice over by Rolf Saxon juxtaposed to the goofy “geek-culture” animation by Zane Rutledge. The corporate video delivers its message with amusing charm. Austin animation companies, such as ZaneTV and Expressions in Video help bring a little zest to the corporate and commercial world.

Austin Animation Protect Eddie

Animation is always a great choice to bring a little “out-of-the-box” charm to a commercial or corporate video. Why choose animation? Animation gives you the opportunity to tell your client’s story in a fun and engaging way. You can sprinkle the piece with crazy characters, heroes, villains and the like. And what about locations? With animation you can create exotic locations. With animation you can even create fictional locations. You can do all of this without breaking your budget. In addition, you can design the animation based on brand specific colors in order to stay brand compliant. You can also make the impossible possible. Do you need your character to go into outer space? Scale Mount Everest? Or, as in “Protect Eddie,” attend a sci-fi convention and go disco dancing, it is all possible with animation.  With all of the details that need to be included in a corporate or commercial video, it’s easy to forget that it is still a visual medium. Animation helps make the “visual” part of the story telling more fun and interesting.

The next time you are considering your needs for corporate or commercial video, think about animation. Animation is fun. Animation is engaging. And animation makes the impossible possible.