The Art of Collaboration Part 3: The Finished Product

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The Game is Our Lives – WebGem 60 Second Spot

A few weeks ago I posted about the importance of client collaboration when creating a TV commercial, web commercial or corporate video. Expressions in Video recently finished post production on two versions of a high impact commercial for our client WebGem and I wanted to share the finished product.


This is a terrific example of working with a client who had a good sense of what they wanted and gave us the creative freedom that allowed us to realize their vision. The spot was co-produced by myself (Jeff Stolhand) and my long-time collaborator Zane Rutledge. Zane and I have worked on many projects together  and, as a result, have developed a creative short hand that works well between us. The director of photography was Andrew Barrera. We shot with two cameras, the Red Epic and the Red Scarlet. Our location was Dell Diamond in Round Rock. We shot the spot in one day and used a combination of Premiere and After FX in post.

Our hope was to maximize the viewer’s experience by utilizing the Red camera’s slow motion speeds. That combined with a few FX from Zane gave us a great 60 second spot.  Here is an excerpt from Zane’s blog explaining some of the work that we did.

“Everything looks great in slow-mo. But especially gritty action sports photography with a bunch of hard-nosed, serious ball players. Credit ZaneFX for color-correction and some little special effects here and there. (Yes: that shot of the batter knocking the snot out of that ball… the ball is digital. You don’t think we were going to take a chance with Drew’s expensive Red camera, do you? …And yes, the catch at the wall too.)”

Read more at Zane’s blog.

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